Typewriter App

I am currently typing this using a google app called ‘writer’. It makes a typewriter noise as I’m typing, giving me a strange happy feeling (think Finding Nemo). This is quite the awesome website, I must say, though I think that at this point, I am mostly writing just to hear the sound of the typewriter…

I used to have an old typewriter…no, no, I’m not that old, it’s just that we did have one. I can’t even remember why or from where, but I loved using it anyways. The sound of the machinery hitting the paper hard with each letter made me feel happy. I wonder if it made my love for writing even greater? I can’t even remember how old I was when I had it…one of those life things that you remember, but have no concept on when the heck it actually happened…

Anyways, I recommend this app – it’s free so why not?


Have fun! 🙂

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