R. I. P. Robin Williams

This isn’t writing or artwork related, but I had to stop and pay my respects to this wonderful actor.

I spent most of my childhood watching movies with Robin Williams – Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Good Morning Vietnam – just to name a few. His death hurts me like I’ve lost a loved one – his gift of laughter is what made millions of people, just like me, feel for him in a way that he was a loved one, even if we weren’t fortunate enough to meet him in person.

His humor will forever live on through his movies, from generation to generation it will be passed down, and he will never be forgotten.

The fact that this was suicide also hits everyone that much harder. The idea that this brilliant, genius actor who made us all laugh for so many years was, inside, depressed, is just heartbreaking. We need to, as a society, treat mental illness with less stigma and more seriousness than we have been. Too many times has this world lost loved ones because society did not make efforts to recognize depression as a mental illness. It isn’t just someone who is sad – it is so much more than that, and it needs to be addressed.

R. I. P.



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