I just finished working on my twentieth-something query letter…I’m hoping that this one might be the one, but after so many disappointments with this letter from hell, it’s a little hard to keep hope 😉

Writing a novel is easy, seriously. Writing a query letter, writing a synopsis – THAT is hard!

It’s also very frustrating since, the whole time I’m working on this query, is time I can’t query publishers and agents! Though, logically, it would be rather stupid to be querying if my query letter is getting me rejections, right? But it’s still annoying.

On a side note, the request I got from a full came back as a rejection – though I’m more frustrated with the fact that they said no because it wasn’t scary enough for a dark horror novel, while my novel is a FANTASY one…that’s why there weren’t enough scares and creepiness…because there weren’t supposed to be any in the first place! *rant over*

Anyways, going to keep working on my query letter, and as soon as it’s finished, I’ll be able to start querying again! Hopefully that’ll get me more requests for full manuscripts, and *crosses fingers* a YES for publishing it!


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