Organizing what is revealed

As I write my second novel, I find myself feeling a little overwhelmed with my storyline. You see, the STORM OWL SERIES I’m currently writing has so many plots and secrets, that it sometimes becomes difficult to remember in what order I reveal information, but also by whom it is given to the main character.

I already have a timeline sheet that helps me remember in what year and order things happened, but I recently had to build a new kind of timeline that tells me who revealed what in the first novel, so that the story is kept consistent. For example, the Storm Owl myth, one of the bigger secrets in my storyline, is only mentioned once in the first novel – a sort of tease that keeps reappearing though, but without ever giving more information. That is, until, the second novel comes along, and a lot more is revealed. This is pretty simple – for now.

Another example would be the information the main character gets from two important characters in the story. Both having been alive for thousands of years, and having quite the long past, information about their lives is given to the main character, but remembering what has been revealed and by whom so far in the first novel alone is hard. The second novel adds on, and soon, I found myself rewriting something that the main character had already learned back in the first novel – oops!

I find it helps to write down what has been revealed and by whom just to keep myself from doing those kinds of mistakes. Does anyone else do these kinds of things to help keep their information straight? Do you do other things? Please feel free to share! 🙂


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