I’ve been doing quite a few swaps lately. I’ll read someone else’s first three chapters, in exchange for them reading my own. Or if it’s a short story of, for example, 10K words, I’ll just send them my first 10K words (make it fair).

I’ve really been enjoying doing this – and not only getting the feedback on my own manuscript, but even more from reading and critiquing other peoples’ manuscripts!

If you’re interested in swapping, just comment bellow, or send a private message (you can also find me on Twitter @stormowl7 ) and tweet me there! There are certain genres I’m not interested in, but I’m usually willing to go past my own tastes and try to read it from a critical point of view. My favorites are horrors and fantasies, and though I usually limit to YA and Adult, I’m starting to like MG as well!


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