To edit or to rewrite – that is the question

Ah, my first manuscript – my baby, my companion…the one thing I worked on for more then ten years. I dreamed about it, thought about it, breathed it…well, ok, you all get the idea!

But here’s the next part: do I edit it or rewrite it? It was complete at 127K words (I know – too long for a YA!), so I split it up and stopped it at a perfect 80,000-word manuscript! I started writing the second story in the series, but as I came to the end of that one, I soon became discouraged by the fact that I was only getting rejections for the first manuscript. I told myself I should probably try and get something else published before a series!

Well, since my first manuscript, I’ve written the second one in the series, and then came my newest manuscript: MY SOUL TO GIVE. An adult paranormal mystery that stands alone. I’m currently querying this one. Here’s the interesting part: when going back to my first manuscript (which I had someone Beta read before I decided to put it on the shelf), I noticed there were things I wrote that no longer sounded like my current writing, while other things sounded good. I guess that part of me is a little nervous that if my manuscript is read from start to finish, it’ll show that I took breaks here and there.

Not sure what I’ll decide yet, but I’d love to hear opinions!


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