I am so sorry I haven’t posted here in a while – I do feel really bad about this!

The reason is, since January 12th, I have been spending every waking moment (between university classes, getting about four hours of sleep per night, etc.) editing and revising my manuscript. But at last, it’s finished! *takes a breath after more than 90+ hours in a little over a week*

One of the reasons I worked on it so tirelessly, is because I want to participate in the SunVsSnow contest that’s being held January 26th (Oh? You don’t know what that is? Are you a writer? Check it out: ).

Another reason is that I know (as much as I’d like to deny it to myself) that there will be more editing – if it ever gets published, it’s an undeniable truth, and I just needed to finish it this time around.

I will now be working on a YA Fantasy series (yes, I know, I know – it must be able to stand alone as well!) called STORM OWL (series name), and I’ll be taking it slowly. I’m in my last semester so I want to finish that too, but I need to continue to write or I’ll lose all sanity that’s left to me (and there isn’t much as it is).

I hope everyone is well!

If you’re in the process of editing, querying, writing – anything in this department, I wish you the best of luck!


4 thoughts on “Completed!

  1. I hear what you’re saying. I’ve beed working like hell on my revision too (in fact, I’ve been working all though last year, revised the novel twice). Done a pass of polish this January, which I expect to finish today. Then it’s off to my beta readers ^_^

    Good luck with the contest. I’m crossing my fingers for you!

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    1. It always feels awesome when you get to the end of editing – feels so relieving and accomplishing all at once (until I remember that I’m going to have to edit again lol), but it’s nice to reread your manuscript and see how many times it takes before you’re sick and tired of it 😉

      Good luck with your Beta Readers! 😀
      And thank you for commenting!!!


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