I need to learn to update this more often, but with university and everything else, it often feels like I run out of time at the end of the day.

I’m currently participating in yet another writing contest – this one is called Pitch Madness. There are 915 submissions, and only 60 are picked… That’s 6.5% … My odds are bleak. The best part about these contests are making new friends though, and sharing your work, and your passion for writing. All these people I hang out with in the #PitchMadness feed are all going through the exact same thing as I am, so it brings people together in the most awesome, and understanding kind of way.

I’m currently working on my adult dark fantasy manuscript – I feel like the stakes are not quite unique enough, but every time I try and make them ‘more’ the story gets too complicated, or I end up feeling like it’s still too generic… *sigh* I will get to it eventually!!! I’m thinking of making it a trilogy, but it might be more… I’ll decide once I get the stakes lined up. See, the thing is, I have seven novels planned for this series, with each having their own stakes, but the first one just feels like it…well, lacks, compared to the other six, so I thought of merging the first and second together, to make better stakes, but then… it just becomes too much.

As always, good luck with what you’re working on, we’ll get to our dreams, however long it takes!

Don’t give up!


2 thoughts on “wip

  1. I’ll bite!

    First, picky point – strike all the commas in the first sentence, they’re not needed.

    Would it help to focus on what makes the conflict really hers emotionally? What (or who) does she care about and how does that figure into this apocalyptic, life-or-death scenario?

    Alternatively, maybe use the antagonist as a jumping off point? Who are they and what do they want?

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    1. thank you for your feedback!

      This is just the stakes part of the query, so more is explained beforehand – though I admit that this makes what I posted incomplete lol – I’ll try to work on the emotional conflict as well, thank you! 🙂


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