Contest Announcement

EDITED MARCH 1ST: Due to a very bad case of carpel tunnel syndrome in my arm (currently typing with one finger to write this), the contest post is postponed to March 9th from 8:30AM to 11:30PM EST – the contest will happen, but I need some time to heal this whole arm, and with university assignments pilling up, it’ll already be difficult without adding the contest prize(s) – I’m very sorry about this!

For all those who submitted in the Pitch Madness contest, 2015:

We all knew, when we entered, that out of the 915 writers who entered, only 60 would be picked. That’s 6.5% of the submissions… it’s a little bleak – not impossible, mind you, but still. We also know how subjective these contests, the market, publishers, agent – heck, the whole publishing industry is subjective, and it has to be since it’s human and there’s a market.

Now, I was thinking of something I could do for the 855 writers who don’t get through. Obviously, being one person, I can’t do something for each of these 855 people, but what I can do is hold a contest that’ll give one writer something good. I don’t want to drag it out and torture you all again (I’m sure we all started insane, and now, since the contest, we’ve plunged into madness) so I’ll make it painless! It’ll be opened from 8:30AM to 11:30PM EST on March 3rd, and I’ll announce the winner March 4th at 7:00PM EST – not too bad, right?


A blog has been written with all the information about the contest, and it’ll go live March 3rd at 8:30AM EST – all the info will be there, and since only one winner will be picked (…maybe lol), I’m going to be pretty strict on following the rules I explained in that blog. Also, please don’t enter this contest if you didn’t submit in the Pitch Madness 2015 contest – I made this specifically for the 855 people who didn’t get in, and I will be checking to see if you’ve submitted or not so don’t cheat, it’s not cool. Anyone out of the 855 writers who did participate can enter this contest, but I recommend it more for the writers who plan on self-publishing – if you don’t want to take that path, I recommend you leave the places open for the ones who do, but it is entirely up to you. (oh look, I rhymed!)

Hopefully this helps a writer (or more than one… hehehe), and until March 3rd, good luck to everyone who entered Pitch Madness!



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