CLOSED – After Pitch Madness – CONTEST


First of all, congratulations to the 60 writers whose manuscripts were picked in Pitch Madness 2015!!! tumblr_inline_misvq4OWcC1qz4rgp Now to the point of this post lol. So I was thinking… What about the 855 writers who don’t get in the Pitch Madness? Sure, there are other contests coming up, other opportunities to throw your manuscript out there, but I figured I’d try and offer something as well. Because, let’s face it: these contests are brutal and any help lifts our spirits a little, right? need-help I’ve read a few Tweets that writers participating wrote, expressing that if they didn’t get in, they’d self-publish… and that’s when I knew what I could do as a small ‘pick me up’! tumblr_m9n4roMI1I1roe6alo1_500 For those who have participated in the Pitch Madness contest, and are looking to self-publish, this is definitely the contest for you! How will the winner be picked? I’ll be rolling dice at random, or using a random number picker, etc. Why random? Because I think that, after all the subjectivity writers go through with these contests, it’s nice, from time to time, just to have something that’s based off of pure luck – not because someone didn’t like your genre, your voice, your pitch, etc – but just luck! tumblr_mh9oebVzwT1rd24zno4_400 Ok, so… what’s this contest I’m talking about? tumblr_nir7ztjlaH1tv3kbao1_250 The contest will have one winner who will get a free novel cover including all the back and forth until you get exactly what you want! tumblr_inline_mzapi8CDPo1s4gyjm Now, I understand that one winner out of 855 people who didn’t get in isn’t much, but I also figured that not everyone who didn’t get in is going to want to self-publish. Also, I’m just one person, and between university finals, and being a full-time single mom, I’d rather give one prize I can really put all my effort into, rather than a few I can’t make perfect for the writer. If I finish the novel cover faster than expected, I may just roll the dice again, or use the random number generator again and… maybe another writer will have a free cover, but that’ll really depend. Still, I’ll do my best since I really want to cheer up the writers who didn’t get in, and this is a way I can. tumblr_lboxp0rG461qb0zfoo1_500 But wait! How do I participate? All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address or Twitter username in this post – it’s that simple! The contest will remain open when the blog is published, March 6th at 11:30AM EST and will remain open until March 9th at 11:30PM. I will then pick a random number, check the number that corresponds to the comment number, and voila! I’ll announce the winner March 10th between 3:00PM and 7:00PM EST. Good-luck-gif My Artworks can be checked out here (to see if I’m a good match for the kind of art style you’d look for in a cover)


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