When a new story comes into your brain when you’re still writing a new one

We all know this feeling, yes? You’re all excited, you’re writing a new WIP, you’re almost done the draft and then… a new idea comes into your mind and you’re like “WHOA THERE! I’m not done the other one yet! ちょっとまってください !” (wait a minute please!)


But the feeling is always exciting, when you get a new idea to write, especially when it comes in completed, from beginning to end, and you’re all happy and looking forward to writing it – nothing quite like that feeling, is there? Though, writing “The End” on a manuscript is quite thrilling as well, or putting those final edits and knowing that it’s all sparkly now – ah, to be a writer is both a blessing and a curse 😉 It’s definitely a hard path to choose (though I believe that if you really love writing, it’s the writing that chooses you, not the other way around, which is also why, even if we wanted to, we can’t quit – like selling our souls, though not quite in the same sense that my main character does in my paranormal mystery… well, hopefully no one actual sold their soul to a demon lol) – that’s why we have to appreciate those little moments of success: the end, the final edits, the new ideasall of those are precious!


(well, it does match with what I said – don’t pretend you didn’t think it too!)

Good luck with all your writing! 😀

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