Meet Artist Extraordinaire…Magali Fréchette

Gina Writes Words

If you’ve read any of my blog over the past few days, you know that I have an eye-wateringly-amazing, jealousy-inducing, kick-butt book cover for my novel, What You Wish For. Standby for another gratuitous image of it:

WhatYouWishFor_Front_600x900The cover was created by Magali Fréchette, and working with her was such a pleasure that I’d recommend everyone do it. 🙂 I’ve invited her onto my blog, today, to answer a few questions and show off some more of her amazing artwork. Magali has brought along two of her favourite artworks from each year, 2010 to 2015. In truth, I could have created a whole series of blogposts, but have decided to offer everything to you in one feast-for-the-eyes post. 🙂

Me: Your work is very striking. What attracted you to photo manipulation?

Magali: Well, first of all, thank you very much for the compliment! Secondly, I guess what attracted me to…

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