Contest Time #NOQS

Well, I’m breaking my own rule and trying out for the Nightmare on Query Street contest! My chances are slim being that my manuscript is a NA Paranormal Mystery (every agent and publisher out there just cringed as they read the word paranormal lol), and that there are going to be 250 entries, and only 40 are picked.

So, these are my calculations:

16% chance of getting in 80% because of my genre = slim to none

HOWEVER! I will try because it doesn’t hurt, and as I previously wrote, Nightmare on Query Street was the first contest I entered my manuscript, MY SOUL TO GIVE, in so it’s kind of cool that after a year of rewrites (x3), editing (x69), hating my ms (x50K), loving my ms (x500K), I can come back full circle and try again 🙂



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