CLOSED – Vote 3 best pitches for #PitMad please!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted!!! I have my 3 best pitches now, and they’re all scheduled for Friday! (I’ll be sleeping, sadly, since I work graveyard shifts from 10PM to 6AM, but I’ll look forward to scrolling back and reading what I can of the wonderful pitches that, not only made me new and awesome friends but also, books I have to look forward to once they’re published!)

Good luck to all participating in #PitMad – and remember: it’s not about how many likes you get – it’s about how many friends you make! 🙂

…that sounds so corny, but it’s true! lol 😉


The rules have changed for #PitMad – while we used to be able to pitch every thirty minutes for a total of twelve hours (imagine the number of pitches agents had to fish through – yikes!), it’s been reduced to three pitches for the day. This means I had to go through my twenty-four usual pitches to narrow them down and rework some. I’ve now gotten it down to ten pitches, and this is where I’d love your opinion/help!

If you could vote for your 3 favorite pitches (or recommend tweaks in the comments), I’d really appreciate it! 😀



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