Manuscripts #amquerying #amediting #amwriting Oh My!

This is the first time I’m querying a manuscript while editing another, and rewriting a new one *ouf!*

MY SOUL TO GIVE: The one I’m querying is the Paranormal Mystery/Romance I wrote in 2014, and while it took 1 rewrite, 3 revisions, and 70 edits, after a little over a year, it’s back in the query trenches! Despite having a love-hate relationship with this story (I mean, how many times can you go over the same manuscript?!), I’m really proud of how great it is now. Not that I’m patting myself on the shoulder or anything – it’s not the next Harry Potter or anything like that – I’m still very proud of how far it has come! Although I still love the concept of the original story, I think this one will sell and please more readers (though, maybe one day, I’ll release the original for fun!). If it’s ever published, I’ll have so many people to thank for helping me with this manuscript – all awesome people I’ll never be able to thank enough! The feedback from Twitter #1lineWed has been overwhelmingly positive, so I know that despite “the market not being good for paranormal” right now, a lot want to read it – and that makes me ecstatic! 

FROZEN HEARTS: I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised when it comes to this manuscript – so far, all the beta readers have loved it! There weren’t any plot holes, and most said it was a really solid story, and were looking forward to the sequel…seriously, the best comments I’ve ever gotten on a manuscript, so I’m really happy. Although it’s on the long side (115,000 words), even considering it’s a Dark Fantasy Romance, I think it’s great the way it is, and I wouldn’t change anything in the story at this point. The stakes are present, and even though it’s a series, the story of book 1 has an “ending”. The only problem is that, so far, I haven’t been able to write a query or a synopsis – problematic since I have one last beta reader reading through the manuscript, and then I wanted to start querying…but I can’t. I’ve tried so many tricks, read ALL the websites and blogs giving writers tips and tricks about how to write them, but the story is so complex, I just…well, I freeze, and always end up closing a blank document. Well, for now, I guess I’ll procrastinate until maybe something hits me all of a sudden, and although I basically know what the stakes are, and what to write in a query, I still can’t seem to put the words down because I’m scared there’s going to be something wrong with it – it won’t hook enough, it won’t draw agents/publishers in, it’ll sound too generic, too cliche, etc. All normal fears for a writer, but still sucks in the meantime. Oh well…eventually.

UNTITLED: Ah yes…the FIRST-EVER manuscript I wrote for publishing. Rereading it makes me cringe, but this story has been in the making for over twelve years, and it’s an important one to me. That being said, I decided to rewrite it, and in 1st person POV for that matter (all the other stories I’ve written have always been in 3rd person POV, so this is quite weird for me, but I felt like this story needs a really deeper understanding of the main character, and it just flowed better in this POV…the voice, to me, is perfect). This is a series of books that means a lot to me…perhaps in ways I’ll never be able to voice, but it just took me through some life-changing experiences that would have turned out quite differently if I didn’t have this story to escape into. I love the characters – all of them – even the nasty ones, but none are black or white. As you may have guessed if you clicked on the link of the title, this is book #1 of the Storm Owl series – my username everywhere on the internet, including my art services, email, Twitter…just, everything. This series is a part of me, and it has been for so long that it took a life of its own, and has continued to grow along with me. I’m currently rewriting this one, and I have the feeling it’ll take some time before it’s ready since I want…no, I need it to be as perfect as I can make it before searching for Beta Readers who’d enjoy reading a Dark Fantasy series (though, each book will have an “ending” – no cliffhangers, even though that had been the original plan lol)


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