Finished my latest manuscript!

The manuscript I started January 10th, 2016 is finally finished! It’s an Adult Dark Fantasy Romance written in 1st person POV, and currently has 109,051 words.

I’ll be editing it now, since this is a draft, and hopefully will find some Beta Readers soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy the first and last lines of the story (well, for now. lol):


SO - twitter.jpg


The series name is STORM OWL, but the title, I still haven’t found. Rather frustrating since, usually, that’s the first thing I think of. My previous manuscript (FROZEN HEARTS), I found the title about in the middle of writing it, so I’m a little thrown off at finishing a whole story and still no clue what to name it. Well…I have the series name so that counts for something, right? Right?! 😉


2 thoughts on “Finished my latest manuscript!

  1. Congrats. I’m seven chapters from finishing my current MS. I started on January 17th. Should have it done in a week if that.
    I couldn’t start a novel until I had the series name, so I don’t know how you’ve done it! lol. 🙂 But good job! 109k words is a lot! Maybe too much. But I’m sure the editing will fix it up nicely. Good luck! 😀
    Oh and are you on Wattpad? I post most of my work on there and have built up quite the fanbase.

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    1. Definitely aiming to cut down words! It’s too long, even for a fantasy manuscript 😉 That’s actually my problem with my previous manuscript – I finished it at 118,000 words! Got it down to 112,000 but still need cutting big time! No content, though, but am trying to tighten sentences and cutting from there 🙂

      This one has, at least, 9K too much, so it won’t be as bad, and as you said – editing should help!

      It’s definitely weird to not have a title, but I’ll find it eventually! *shakes fist at story* 😉

      It’s exciting when there are only a few chapters left! Good luck with your manuscript! 😀

      p.s. No – I’m not on Wattpad


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