Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden by @drwendyv






I don’t usually read MG/YA, or even Scifi for that matter, but I found this story to be quite fun! Here’s the thing: I LOVE dinosaurs. I mean, these aren’t actual Earth dinos, but those are details, and I loved them anyway.

Alright, so onto the story itself! I enjoyed the main character’s (Caleb) growth throughout the story. It’s done so naturally and with such great flow that by the end, I could look back on how Caleb was at the beginning, and realize just how much he’s matured. Not only physically, but emotionally as well.

I got attached to a lot of characters, which was a mistake. These dinos are hungry, and humans are easy prey (a moment of silence for all those poor characters who died horribly). Yet, none of the scenes were described in gory details – instead, it was left up to the readers’ imaginations, which for some of us, is so much worse.

The pacing of the story is great – I always felt on edge while reading, wondering what would pop up next, and who would survive. The author does a fantastic job at keeping this pace throughout the whole story, and I found myself holding my breath along with the characters whenever a T-Rex appeared (my favorite dinos!). All five senses are used so well that it’s easy to picture yourself there with the group, trying desperately to get back to their base to survive. Not only that but the survival of their entire base, of the human race, hangs on them making it back. That burden really upped the stakes, and you can’t help but hope they make it, even if it seems hopeless at times.

The whole world is developed in such a real way that every time Caleb heard a crunch, I always wondered what it was this time. From the fauna to the temperature, traveling by night versus by day, and even the different terrains they crossed were very well described without it ever being too much description.

All in all, a great adventure story that kept me turning the pages while holding my breath a few times!

I received a copy of Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden from Future House Publishing in exchange for an unbiased review.



  • Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden will be available for $0.99 May 17 – 25 (discounted from our retail price of $4.99)
  • On May 19th, readers can enter to win an autographed copy of Horizon Alpha on launch day on Future House Publishing’s blog
  • Future House Publishing will be giving away some physical copies on Goodreads giveaway starting on May 21st: Click Here to Enter!



D.W. Vogel




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