The End of an era…again. #HarryPotter

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I grew up with Harry Potter, as many did. I started reading the first book when I was eleven years old and watched the final movie when I was twenty-one. Ten years of always looking forward to books or movies, until, in 2011, it was all over.

So why am I sharing old news? Well, when my son turned five and started kindergarten, I decided to keep that tradition going (although, he was much younger than when I started), and we read the first Harry Potter book together. We’d read the book, then watch the movie, and so on.

This took time.

Between university (which I started that same year), sore throats, too tired to read/listen, some months went by without even opening a book. When my son turned eight, he also started reading his own books, so sometimes, they also took priority over our beloved Harry Potter. Homework, essays – on both our ends, we were just too busy at times.

But on May 21st, 2016, when my son is now ten years old, we finished reading the final book and watched that final Part 2 movie (had watched the Part 1 around the same point in the book). The end of an era for me, yet again. Bittersweet as we started this five years ago.

I also found it hard to read, at times, since if you cry while you read inside your head, it’s possible to go on (though blurry), but when you read out loud, it’s a lot of work to read through the sobbing (I direct your memory to everything in the final book). Then watching the movie right after had me in more tears – it always had, but with Alan Rickman’s death, it seemed so much more difficult to watch.

All in all, it was a fantastic piece of history in our lives, and I look forward to the day he picks them up again to read on his own.



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