#PimpMyBio #PitchWars – Adult Dark Fantasy Romance


#PimpMyBio for #PitchWars

Ah yes, the time of year when I embark into writing contests…oh wait, I do that pretty much all year round whenever there are contests! Well, this time, this is for Pitch Wars – a fierce competition that, even if you don’t get picked, you’re guaranteed to find new writer friends, critic partners, and/or beta readers. So really, in the end, you win either way!
My name is Magali (most people call me Mags, so feel free!), and I write the darker side of stories. Paranormal, and Dark Fantasy, but there’s always romance – I’m an extremist, and love both dark and cute things, so that’s probably why. 😉 So basically, I’ll rip your heart out along the way, but I’ll make sure you don’t throw the book against a wall when you finish it! All my stories are either set in Canada, or in alternate worlds (makes sense since I am Canadian, right? I should add our Prime Minister to one of my stories… seriously, have you seen Justin Trudeau?!)
Justin Trudeau

*tries not to swoon*

Okay, back to the bio! I’m passionate about writing, reading, photo manipulation artwork, animals, anime/manga, video games, the fandom world of TV shows and movies, and stuff like that. I’m a proud Ravenclaw: I’ve always been sorted into this house, but the recent Pottermore sorting placed me in Gryffindor – I don’t care since the Sorting Hat couldn’t consider my choice, so I identify with Ravenclaw, and Ravenclaw is where I’ll remain!




My stories often speak about poverty, abuse, trauma, but also love, friendships, and always has sex. My main characters are always female and are often on the curvy side or overweight. Each of them bring their own strengths into their story, and will kick ass if need be (or try tricking a demon to get out of a deal – not the smartest move, but you gotta give her credit for trying, right?).



More About What I write

I’ve written so many manuscripts, I’ve stopped counting. However, so far, only three I’d try publishing. On my list, I’ve got a Paranormal Mystery Romance, and two Dark Fantasy Romance manuscripts. I’ll be entering FROZEN HEARTS to PitchWars this year: dark fantasy romance of 105,000 words with series potential (currently writing the sequel!).

FROZEN HEARTS: Rozalie, a young single mother destitute with her toddler is pushed through a portal into another world—just as hers starts to crumble. Too bad the new world is full of yokai―demons with animal traits. Now, stuck in a world plagued with war, she accepts a dark yokai prince’s offer: decipher lost spells, and he’ll protect them. When he sacrifices his soul to save her, and her son from a sadistic king, she’ll have to find a spell to save him, but her love may be the key.




My goal is not to publish once, and then that’s the end. I want writing to be my career – I’m prepared to work hard for it. Having tried finding an agent and getting published has already been a long road, but I’m prepared to wait as long as I have to! Besides, in the meantime, it’s not like I can stop writing, so I’ll keep developing, working hard, and of course, trying.

I prefer someone who won’t sugar coat, but I also appreciate explanations as to why something doesn’t work. My favorite thing is when beta readers/CPs leave comments along the way on their reactions to something in the story – those are always such joys to see because I feel like I’m peeking into the minds of other future readers!

Certain aspects of my writing that could definitely use help would be filter words, word repetitions, letting me know when something is perhaps ‘too dark’ (this doesn’t exist in my mind, so feel free to share opinions on what might traumatize readers – the last thing I want is to write a book so dark that people drop it halfway through!), and pretty much anything else you’d like to suggest. I’ve been told many times that I take criticism well and that I draw from those critics and easily rewrite new scenes.



Me as a mentee

My manuscript has gone through two amazing CPs, and was picked in the #FicFest contest as an alternative where it was professionally edited. At this point, I’m opened to any and all suggestions to take it where it needs to go. I mentioned I’m always up to work hard on edits – don’t believe me?

For my paranormal mystery romance, I edited that manuscript 71 times (that’s not a typo – it’s seventy-one!), 5 revisions, and 2 rewrites since August 2014. The last edit was finished July 10th, 2016. I’m very serious about getting published.

Some favorite novels:

Some favorite mangas:


*Side note: As you can probably tell (if you know these novels/mangas), they all have cuteness and/or darkness in their storylines…Mine always have both 😉


Favorite shows:

Game of Thrones
Doctor Who
IT Crowd
*Must add I’m a huge Marvel fan


Final Little Note About Moi

Full-time single mom to a ten-year-old, work as a telephone interviewer for the government of Canada, addicted to sugar (though, favorite food is pizza!), and always working hard to make my dream of being a full-time author a reality.

7 thoughts on “#PimpMyBio #PitchWars – Adult Dark Fantasy Romance

  1. You’re a cute little button, Magali. Just wanted you to know it. I read through your other recent posts, and here’s another thing I want you to know: You’re going to achieve what you seek. I don’t know when, but it WILL happen. Your perseverance and headstrong determination are the telling hallmarks of how I know this. And you’ve got the chutzpah to make it happen!

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