Writing vs. Work

Ever since I started my job (around 30 hours a week), I haven’t been able to write much at all. Either I force it, and it’s all stuff I’d chuck away, or I’m so exhausted, that I can’t write a single word. It’s not that I lack the motivation or inspiration – I’ve got a story I’m actually trying to write – it’s everything else.

Time, especially.

It doesn’t seem like much, since, out of 24 hours in a day, I work 6, but when you add up bus travel-time, dishes, supper, homework, etc., it doesn’t leave that much, and the few I have, I’m too exhausted to think, let alone write, and I tend to use all the hours I can possibly get to sleep.

This has left me feeling empty, and depressed – not being able to write leaves a hole inside of me that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I want to write, more than anything, but I also have to think of my health, and get enough sleep, or I won’t be able to pay for basic living.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I do try to write on weekends, but I also want to spend time with my son, and boyfriend – it’s just hard to balance everything. How do other writers/authors do it?


4 thoughts on “Writing vs. Work

    1. Thank you for your suggestion *hug*

      I used to do that, but we’re monitored on our production per hour, so I was being reprimanded for not being quick enough (call centre of sorts). And despite writing all I can during the few breaks I have, I still never seem to find time/energy to actually put it into manuscript form later

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  1. When things sap the well, it takes clever scheduling to work in that time.

    Use the downtime.

    I had a long commute to work at one point, and I’d use the time to think about a story. Just listen to music and let my mind drift. If I had an idea, I’d make a voice recording on my phone, or use voice-to-text in a Note app so I’d have it for later.

    You might not have the time during the week to sit down and get it out, but if you think about it when you have downtime, you’re still working on writing–just in a different way. Hang in there.

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