Adult Thriller update #writerslife

I’ve been quite pleased with my latest manuscript – I’ve always written paranormal and dark fantasy (and always with romance!), so I was nervous going into a genre I don’t usually touch. Although my stories usually contain mysteries or thrills, it was still uncharted territory.

Still, so far I’ve been enjoying writing human characters. An antagonist/love interest who isn’t supernatural in any way (though, he’s really good at killing) with a human main character. So strange, but a fun ride.

My goal had always been around 80,000 words, and I reached 63,000 not long ago. This is just the skeleton, though – I’ll be going through my first round of edits, which always include adding descriptions (with more visual and sensory descriptions in particular). Then later edits focus on cutting out crutch words, adverbs, etc. Then, the beta rounds!

Keep writing, and never give up on your dreams because eventually, they do come true if you work toward them.


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