Statistics – Winning Authors of 2016 @goodreads #writerslife #Authors #stats #writers

I’ve wanted to write this post for some time, but as it usually does, life just got in the way. A while back, when we could vote for the nominees for Goodreads 2016, I thought of some subjects I’d read about a lot on Twitter.

One subject that comes up a lot in the writing community is the lack of female authors. Not just that, but how much harder it is for female writers to be published versus male writers. I was curious about this since, in my personal opinion, most of my list on books I have read or want to read seemed to be written by female authors.

So, the statistician in me got really curious, and I decided to grab some data. Now, mind you, these come from all the nominees and winners of the Goodreads 2016, so some of these might be well-known authors, they may use pseudonyms, etc. However, some were in the best new author, and while this is just a general idea, I think it paints a bit of a different picture than what’s often being said on Twitter. Mind you, again, I’m not an agent or a publisher, so I don’t know how the process works. For example, do they look at names first? Is it a bias they don’t even realize is present? Many questions and I don’t have the answers. Again, this is just a look into the winners of 2016, and of course, is for fun.




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