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I loved this story so much. It took a unique spin, not only in the story but the characters. I loved that Tolcan, despite changing the way he thinks about humans doesn’t change who he is as a person (…alien? male? well, you know what I mean!) – he’s raw, dangerous, and dominant, and he doesn’t apologize for it, yet he’s not forceful, and he’s patient. More than lust, he desires Greta’s happiness, and that’s something that I found unique to this story. It wasn’t the typical “he desires her consent” (which, he also does, and that’s good!), but he actually wants her to be happy. I loved that.

Greta isn’t stupid, and I adore her for it. Too many times, the whole “talking back” and “trying to escape” is done over and over, but she’s smart, and it’s not that she gave up, but there’s just no point in running out there only to get caught again. I love smart in a heroine. I also really liked that while she did fight her feelings for Tolcan, she wasn’t debating the same fight within her self over and over – not that she bent over quickly (ha – pun intended!) because she does go back and forth about it, but it’s not annoying, and I really love her for it.

The world building and culture were also fantastic, and I’m hoping to learn more about it!

The only thing I’m stressing out about is that the story won’t continue – I see that it’s apparently a series, so I’ll be crossing my fingers that we get the next great sequel soon since the end left an open story with a lot of questions I need to be answered, plus I really need to know what happens with Tolcan and Greta next!

Loved, loved, loved this book!



Jenika Snow


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