Mid Week Tease – FROZEN HEARTS #MidWeekTease


Welcome to my mid week tease featuring my adult dark fantasy romance! FROZEN HEARTS (Book 1 BLOOD INTERTWINED) is complete at 101,000 words. ***Some clarifications: Nilak is a yokai – demons/spirits with animal traits, and he is from the okami race, meaning wolf. The word ningen means human.*** 



A soft moan, like a growl, sounded from inside the room. She stared at Nilak as he moved around, his eyelids shut tight as his hands clenched the side of the sofa.

What should I do?

His eyelids flew open, and he sat with a jolt as though an electric current surged through him. His whole body shook, his head turning side-to-side, searching for whatever plagued his dreams.

Rozalie rushed to him and sat on the edge of the sofa. “It’s okay now, it was only―”

She gasped when he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him, forcing her into a kneeling position in front of him. His breathing didn’t slow as his hands climbed higher on her back, gripping the material of her top, as though clinging for life. He leaned his forehead against her chest, his ears flat against his black hair, his whole body trembling. She wanted to say something, but he looked up into her eyes with the same pained expression that made her want to help him, and her words caught in her throat.

When she shifted her weight off her knees, he pulled her to his lap. Her leg muscles relaxed, but the rest of her tensed at being in such a vulnerable position, heat pulsated through her knowing he was naked under the thin blanket.

His forehead leaned against her shoulder and he slid one hand along her side until it settled on the laces of her top. “You…should go back to bed, ningen.”

The way he whispered it sent shivers through her again, the goosebumps crawling along her skin no longer due to the cold air. “Are you…” she cleared her throat, “Are you going to be okay?”

He stared at her, his pale blue and white eyes locked with her brown ones. No words were needed―he wasn’t all right. Like her, things plagued their minds no matter how hard they tried to ignore it, and at night, it came for them without mercy.

“Can I stay like this… a little longer?” His gaze searched her.

She fought her emotions and her mind, but in the end, sympathy won. “Come on.” She grabbed his hand and stood, looking away from him. “Er… could put some clothes on?”

After a few seconds, he took her hand again, and she took a deep breath. Once she was under the furs, he lay next to her and rested his head in the nook below her shoulder. “I’m sorry to be using you like this…” He traced his fingers along her arm. “You deserve better.”

“I sleep better when you’re next to me, so I guess I’m using you too.”

To her surprise, his arms slipped under her back, and pressed her against him. His breathing steadied, and soon, her eyelids fluttered with sleep. Her fingers traced along his muscular arms, and he kissed the nook of her neck in response. With that final, silent, communication, she fell asleep.

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