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Ever since my first book was publishing a little over four months ago, I’ve been using some marketing/advertising services to try and get my story out there. In a sea of books, it’s no easy feat, and all the money I put into these services are out of pocket.

So, a while back, I had discovered a service called Book Buzz. They looked good – professional, and lots of different ways to advertise through them. I signed up to their newsletter, and around a month ago, received some information about pretty good social media promotions. Facebook and Twitter, for three days, and all for 65.00$USD. Keep in mind, this is around 85.00$CAD for me.

I contacted Book Buzz for those two promotions. Filled out their form, and got a reply back from someone at Book Buzz (Amanda) not long after. We discussed specifics, and I paid the PayPal Invoice. All of this was done October 19th, and the promotions were supposed to start “the week of November 1st” for a total of three days. Amanda told me she would send me links and updates once they’d start the promotion.

Well, by November 3rd, I hadn’t heard anything, and no promotions had gone out, so I emailed her back to check in.


On November 6th, I emailed again (this time, copying the ‘info’ email address on their website as well as the one that had come from Amanda’s replies), and explained I was disappointed nothing happened since I had actually planned other promotions around the dates she’d provided – I have another promotion scheduled from November 9th to the 11th with another service, and I don’t like to do too much advertisement at the same time. In my email, I requested a refund. I also went to the Facebook Page of the Book Buzz website, and sent a message there letting them (or her, since it’s under Amanda’s name) know I sent an email, and asking them to respond.

Well, it’s now November 8th, and I wasn’t sure what to do anymore. I thought maybe I should give them more time to respond, but after posting my dilemma on my publisher’s author page, and receiving a lot of great advice and lovely support by fellow authors, I “reported a problem” through PayPal, which contacts the seller through them.

Not too long after, Book Buzz replied to the PayPal email, and said they had replied to my two emails, and that I should check my spam. A bit rude… Good news, though: they did refund me my money. But, here’s the thing: I had been checking my spam constantly, and checked it again right after they sent that message, but there’s nothing there. Honestly, they should check their internet connection, or the email they’re sending it to because I never got anything… Plus, in their PayPal message, they didn’t bother explaining WHY they didn’t do the promotion I had paid for in the first place. They didn’t even apologize for not having provided the service.  Really not impressed, but I am glad it’s done.

So, do I recommend using them? Not at all. At least they refunded me, but still, an apology isn’t too much to ask for. I paid for a service, and didn’t get it. I asked for a refund, and they blamed it on not checking my spam. That’s not a client-focused business: you don’t blame the client when YOU’RE the one who didn’t hold up your side of your job, and promote what I paid for.

So, Book Buzz, in the future, I suggest you explain your lack of service when you don’t promote what someone paid for, and apologize to the client as well. Oh, and one more thing: don’t blame the client


red-circle-cross-transparent-background-hi Book Buzz website red-circle-cross-transparent-background-hi


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