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New Year

2017… what a year this has been. I rarely look back too much on past years because every year always seemed so… similar. But not this year. No. This year had many firsts and one last.



In March, I quit the horrible job I had been working at for 1 year and 2 months. Although I liked many of my coworkers, the job was… demoralizing, and depressing. The pay was not enough at 16$/hour (only 6 hours a day max), and with no guarantees of shifts… We could be told to work anytime between 7:30am to 11:30pm. That means waiting outside in downtown Winnipeg in the dark while waiting for a bus that will probably be late or never show up. And by the time I got home around 12:30am sometimes, I’d get up the next morning at 6:00am to get my kid ready for school. My job was to call people for surveys, and the amounts of times I was yelled at and threaten could fit in a pretty big book. But we weren’t allowed to complain – there was a “leave the negativity at the door” policy, after all (not kidding). Management was cold, and I often pictured one of those kids’ mystery books that we’d suddenly discover they were actually robots. When I had first started working there, they told me because I’m bilingual, they’d keep me on business surveys so I could work the regular business hours since I’m a single-mom. But four months after I started working there, the manager who told me that was transferred, and suddenly, I was put on a social survey, and scheduled to work a bunch of late hours. When I asked management about postponing until I could organize babysitting arrangements, he told me “find a permanent solution or this job will be very temporary for you.“. Any extra work I ever put in was ignored, and we were treated like numbers. We had to change cubicles every week (sometimes, every day) and weren’t really supposed to ever personalize them since we moved around so much. They were so horrible to work for that at one point, I had a nervous breakdown. Why? Well, the office got bedbugs, and management kept it under wraps and didn’t tell us until it was discovered four days later (with a weekend in between). Why? Because they didn’t want employees to leave and decrease their call stats. So we all went home and couldn’t take any precautions because we weren’t told. I lost complete trust in them after that. But thankfully, in March, I was able to finally say goodbye to the place and moved on to working for the provincial government.



April marked the almost 8th month I had been in a relationship. My first one in ten years (I didn’t date as a single mom), and my first adult relationship. It was a mess, and it was toxic. Not at first, though. No. At first, it was good. A coworker from that horrible workplace I mentioned above became a friend, then eventually, a boyfriend. We moved too fast; that was one of the problems. But more than that, I often felt like I’d become a single mom to two boys, and my kid was the more independent one. There was financial support, but that was it. Everything went downhill at the end of October 2016 when his drunk roommate did something at a Halloween party. When I told my boyfriend about it, he confronted his roommate about it and told me how bad his roommate felt. Then, in December two months later, after I had come out of the hospital because I’d been on supportive care, my boyfriend told me how excited he was about going to see the Doctor Who Christmas special in the cinema – something I had mentioned a few times I had missed when living in another province. For a second, my heart had raced a bit, thinking he was going to invite me and my kid to go with him, but…no. That wasn’t the case. He was going with his roommate… the one who did that to me and was still friends with. He didn’t understand why it hurt me that he was still friends with him – roommate, I could understand to a certain degree because he was saving money living there, but…friends? Like what happened to me was nothing. In February, I broke up with him, but if you read the paragraph above, you’ll remember I got a new job in March only. Well, working with your ex isn’t easy – and even less when he looks like he’s crying in the washroom between breaks every time you see him. And it was a pretty small department. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I got back together with him out of guilt and wanting to make work just a bit more bearable. Not to mention, my kid liked him. But in April, with my new job away from him, I ended our relationship. He didn’t want to understand why him being friends with his roommate broke my trust in him. And the worst part? As he did so often, he turned it around and made it about him. I was apparently calling him ‘just as bad’ for being friends with his roommate and was a horrible person for not wanting to compromise. But you know what? For the first time in my whole life, I made a decision for ME. I didn’t stay with someone because of any reason – I didn’t give him excuses, I didn’t make excuses for him, I decided in that moment I was worth more. And it was the first time I put myself before and thought about my mental health as a priority. I decided I was important enough to deserve happiness. So I broke it off, and I’m proud of myself for that.



Probably the best part of the year. My dream of becoming a published author came true on June 29th. Evernight Publishing took a chance on a first-time writer and published MY SOUL TO GIVE. The reviews it received so far are all 5-stars, and it’s just such a wonderful feeling to know readers liked it. I was able to tell a story, and now, it’s available in eBook and print. It doesn’t bring much money, and I often spend more on marketing than I make back, but I don’t care; it’s never been about the money when it comes to writing. It took two years, 71 rounds of edits, 3 reviews, and 1 rewrite to get this published, and I’m proud of it. The sequel to the book is just about ready to be sent to my publisher, and I even have another story ready to go right after so, hopefully, looking forward to at least two other releases in 2018!



In July, after working at that new job for around three months, I got a phone call from a job I had applied for almost a year before. They offered full-time 7.5 hours/day, regular hours Monday to Friday, no evenings or weekends, and with a salary, I couldn’t even dream of obtaining. I accepted, and in September, started a new job once again. And guess what? For the first time in my whole life, I don’t come short -200$ every month. I actually have enough to even put aside and save. Imagine, for a second, that every month, you pay all your bills and loans, and despite not spending on anything else at all, you’re still short 200$ or more. It’s always been a stressor, and it just ‘was’. But now, I can pay all my bills and loans, and can even save. It’s such a strange feeling, and I don’t think I’ve actually felt relief yet because it’s still too new. I don’t know what it’s like not to be in the hole every month. But so far, I like it. The money part – not so much the job itself lol. Well, I love to hate the job, and I hate to love it.



I bought my first ever car in November. A Chevrolet Spark that runs like a tiny little dream – it’s so cute.



I mentioned there was a ‘last’ for 2017. This is the last year I’ll be in my twenties *Le Gasp*! In May of 2018, I’ll be hitting 30 years old (although my age says one thing, my body has been saying 80 since I’m 20 lol). And so, I say farewell to 2017 as I wave my twenties goodbye. It was a good decade including moving to three different provinces, completing a bachelor’s degree, seeing my kid go from kindergarten to halfway through grade 6, changing jobs four times and getting a higher salary each time, to making new great friends (both in real life and online), getting a new car, growing as a person – it’s been an exciting ride, and I look forward to what my decade in my thirties will look like! (likely, I’ll find more grey hairs *sigh* lol).


Peace out until 2018 – I look forward to the ride! 🙂


p.s. Did I mention Thor Ragnarok, came out in 2017? I mean, BEST MARVEL MOVIE EVER *dies laughing*



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