Downloading books illegally – stats on my own book #piracyistheft #Amazon #eBook

My book has been available to readers for six months now (officially on December 29th, 2017 was its anniversary lol), and because tax season is upon us soon, I was organizing my PayPal receipts to be ready.

So, this year on Facebook, I noticed a lot of writers (rightfully) going after people who illegally download authors’ books. A lot of these thieves’ defense was authors make a lot of money so having a few readers not pay for their books wouldn’t make a big difference…

Well, let me tell you just how very wrong you are.

Allow me to give you an example, here. Since June 29th, 2017 when my book was published, I have spent a total amount of 570$ on marketing my book. This is in six months. Okay. Remember that amount I spent? How much did I make in book sales during the same six months? 123$, that’s how much. And before you say something like “Well, maybe that’s just how many people wanted to read your book in the first place!“, I’ll also tell you how wrong you are again. On just one website that lets readers download my book illegally, 2,732 readers downloaded my book, and 4,390 readers read it online illegally. Now, let’s do some math here! The eBook version of my book is sold on for 5.31$… you know how much that is in total if all of these 7,122 readers actually bought my book instead? That’s 37,817.82$ my publisher and I will never see. So instead of losing profits between what I paid for in marketing versus what I was paid for book sales, I would have gained.

Do you still think authors make a ton of money? Still think if only a few readers download the book for free it’s not a big deal? And before you say that it’s good exposure, don’t. I have a total of 12 reviews, so out of the 7,122 readers, not many ‘exposed’ my book by actually rating or review it either. Not to mention, exposure doesn’t exactly pay my bills, my rent, food, and basic life necessities.

Think about that the next time you click on an illegal free book, please.



3 thoughts on “Downloading books illegally – stats on my own book #piracyistheft #Amazon #eBook”

  1. I self-published and agree with all you said! Sadly some people feel they are entitled and expect everything for free. While writers suffer, they just don’t care but at the same time don’t want you to point it out. My six month anniversary for my book is just around the corner! Good luck on your future sales (sounds like you’re doing much better than me).

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  2. This is a great piece that expresses some serious reality. Unfortunately, to the young or uneducated readers, they think that 37k is a big number for one book, but what they don’t realize is that it isn’t. That, if you had even made that in 1 year, is about the average salary for folks- the same folks fighting for a living wage. People are disillusioned with big named authors and think all authors make big money. I noticed the same issues when I was taking college classes for screenwriting. Actors, producers, and other staff get paid way more for their works than the actual writer.

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