Review – HER DANGEROUS MISTAKE by @erinmleaf


4 stars

This was a really great read! I’m not usually one for shifters, but there was something different and magical about dragon shifters that made me love the story even more. Not only is the story itself great, but that magical, unique touch made it all the greater. I enjoyed both characters, each being different from one another, yet compatible and a bit like two puzzle pieces meant to compliment one another – the dynamic was good.

The pacing was perfect – I was never bored, and the intimacy scenes were never dull nor were they repetitive! Fresh every time and hot!

I look forward to reading more great stories by Erin M. Leaf!




Cover Reveal – MONSTERS & ANGELS by @MonstersnAngels

Monsters & Angels
Anne Marie Andrus
Publication date: October 2017
Genres: Historical, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Fledgling nurse Sorcha Alden knew she had the skills to save lives, but she never dreamed that her own life would be the one in danger.

Driven by tragedy to honor her family name, Sorcha embarks on a journey that takes her from the bleak but familiar streets of New York, through the sultry and seductive city of New Orleans, and into the brutal jungles of Nepal. Forging friendships and carrying on her mother’s mission of healing was her dream. Plunging into a love affair with the mysterious Dr. Ashayle could have been a fairytale.

Being murdered and waking up as a blood-thirsty monster—became her living nightmare.

Torn away form a life that had just begun, Sorcha returns to New Orleans as a newborn vampire, forced to start over in a cutthroat underworld of devilry and decadence. Complicated politics, bitter rivals and jealous ancestors stand between her and the promises she’s still determined to keep.

In a realm where the boundary between good and evil is as murky as the Mississippi River and immortal does not mean invincible, will Sorcha ever risk her shattered heart and love again? Can the magical harmony of the Crescent City give her enough courage to fulfill her eternal destiny?

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Author Bio:

Anne Marie has been an equestrienne, chorale singer, candy-striper, EMT, and baseball fan. Roaming the back roads of New Jersey with her family, she found great respect for antiques, historical locations and the stories they hold. Her current list of favorite pastimes include coffee, bourbon, and Les Miserables–which requires more bourbon. She has been known to attend sporting events just for the flyover. The boat she and her husband christened Glory Days, is her escape from the chaos of everyday life.

The inspiration for Anne Marie’s debut novel, Monsters & Angels, is her fascination with vampires and her passion for everything New Orleans. When she isn’t writing, she can be found working nights with the critical care team in a busy trauma center.

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The story was very original and unique – I found myself loving both the main characters, and could really feel all of the emotions, even the sad ones that made me want to cry, but that just made me more invested in their story.

There were some parts here and there where I felt like the inner thoughts of Celeste dragged on a bit, and I found myself skimming over them because a lot of time, they became a bit repetitive, but all in all, the story held really well together. There was a threat lingering over their relationship problems, which made the stakes higher, and I loved the ‘twist’ of sorts at the end. My favorite character turned out to be Bast, but I did really love Celeste and Lysett.

Good plot, unique story, memorable characters!


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Peri Elizabeth Scott

Review – A MATE FOR THE SAVAGE by @JenikaSnow



Okay, so first of all, you know a book is really good when you consider reading while at work even if it means getting fired!

I read this during every possible break (and was actually late getting back because I needed more time!), and finished same day I started.

This book is good – even though it’s on the shorter side for sure, I found it was the perfect length. It told the story, and did it very well, and there was never a dull moment. The characters were well-developed, and real. The story moves in a good flow, the pacing fantastic, and the voice for both characters are so different and unique, you’d never mix up who was speaking – great dialogue, too!

All in all, a great read with fantastic steamy *fans self* read!





CANUTE by @freyortega

Canute - 200x300.jpg


An immortal soldier, tested in the fires of war…

In the aftermath of the attack on his brother and his family, Canute is coaxed into joining forces with another vampire family in the hopes of ending a long feud between two rivaling clans vying for control.

A false pretense…

Under the guise of a Kindred bond, Canute finds himself used as a pawn in some war he wants no part of. Angry, confused, and unable to trust himself, he loses his already tenuous control and becomes berserker, losing himself into the night.

Fighting with fear…

When Canute wakes up, he finds himself in the presence of a young man named Haru, who ends up being his true Kindred. Afraid that he’s still beguiled and unable to fully trust so soon after an immense betrayal, Canute has to fight past his fears and his weaknesses to accept his Kindred. Between immense betrayal and a war where no one can trust their judgment, can he learn to trust—and love—again?


CANUTE , the second book in the Kindred Series, is an M/M vampire romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happily-ever-after. Expect magic, a little angst, and just the tiniest bit of darkness!


Story Snippet:

Canute wondered how a young man could be so openly giving, so openly trusting, in this cruel, cruel world that they both lived in. He said he was a kami, so he had to know that there were evils lurking around every corner, right?

Still, he wasn’t about to turn down a drink. It was probably in part due to his interest in Haru, which was strong enough that Canute could consciously realize it, and another part due to his thirst. Desperate times called for desperate measures. And on the other hand, Canute wanted to feel that warmth and sunniness for himself.

Canute gingerly took a hold of Haru’s wrist, and he rubbed his thumb slowly across the middle, just firm enough to figure out where exactly the vein was. He lifted Haru’s arm up until it was mere inches away from his lips.

“Are you sure?” Canute asked.

Haru nodded. “It’s not going to hurt, right?”

Canute shrugged. He probably wasn’t being reassuring, but he didn’t know if Haru was particularly sensitive, or if he was somehow the type of creature who weakened easily. “It shouldn’t.”

Haru looked up at Canute, then back down at his wrist. He did this a couple of times, enough so that Canute realized that Haru was probably feeling a little conflicted.

“If you don’t want to, I can always just hunt outside,” Canute said, trying to reassure Haru. “I won’t hurt a human, if you’re worried about them. But a willing donor will always beat an unwilling victim.”

There was a flicker of uncertainty that Canute saw in those eyes, but it was enough for Canute to realize that toying with this young kami was perhaps too much for Haru. He’d gone from embarrassed and red in the face, to scared and nervous in the span of minutes.

Haru looked up at Canute, then back down at his wrist. Back up at his face, and then down at his wrist. This happened a number of times more, before the kami finally took a deep breath.

“Please, if it’ll help you, then you should have some,” Haru said. “Immodesty is a small price to pay for helping someone in need. Besides, this is for your health. It’s not like we’re doing anything bad.”

Canute couldn’t contain his surprise. He raised an eyebrow at Haru and nodded, the thought crossing his mind that he probably didn’t need to tease the younger man so much.

Canute yanked the young kami forward until Haru was only about a foot away from his body, and then he lifted the man’s wrist to his lips. He felt his fangs ache. His inner demon already wanted out. The gentle thrum of a pulse was so close, it would have been so easy to just take it…

The vampire stilled his body, taking a deep breath before baring his fangs. There was no better way to do this than just quickly—otherwise he would be going hungry for maybe a couple hours more, at best, and maybe even weeks at worst.

Canute plunged his fangs right into that vein, bursting with vitality and life and letting the taste, the essence, flow right into his lips. It made him shiver with both arousal and need.

Gods, Haru tasted like the sun. He tasted like warmth, and heat, and all the things that Canute didn’t know he could still feel. Haru’s blood was sweet and gentle, much like the man himself, and Canute knew he had to keep himself from drinking too much. Even though Haru was immortal, it wasn’t as though he was a fount of blood. Canute had to pace himself, both for his sake as well as Haru’s.

He might have been a monster, but he wasn’t that much of a monster.

One sip, and then another led to a groan coming out of his lips, and it preceded Haru’s own unceremonious squeak. Canute thought it was cute, much like the rest of Haru’s actions and his demeanor, and with every slow, but light sip he partook of the kami’s blood, he felt strength return to his body. Strong enough to feel, in full effect, how Haru made his cock rise in arousal, and things that once lay dormant inside him to come out, brimming with life.

When he looked up into Haru’s face, the expression that met his was flushed. Haru was biting down on the corner of his lower lip, and the effect was as immediate as it was strong. Canute wanted nothing more than to slide right into the kami’s body right there, and claim him.

It felt like something was clicking into place, and Canute needed to push it aside. If he did this, he would bring so much untold danger to these kind souls. No, he couldn’t think about the possibility…

The possibility that maybe, just maybe, this young kami was his actual Kindred.

Was this the universe’s way of righting a wrong, of giving him back his hope?


Author Bio:

Frey Ortega writes erotic romance, primarily of the gay variety. He lives in what a friend affectionately calls “the south-easternmost part of Spain,” which is an archipelago called the Philippines. He’s a graduate of the Royal, Pontifical, and Catholic University in Manila, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology. Primarily, he works as a writer, a novelist, sometimes a video game journalist, and overall a homebody who spends way too much time on the internet.

He loves writing about people, especially people of all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds, falling in love. You might also find him playing video games from time to time! His favorite ones are MMORPGs, and role-playing games in general (and not just the ones in the bedroom.)

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Review – VIKTOR by @SM_fiction


4 stars.jpg


I really enjoyed this book!

To be honest, I usually don’t read anything with more than two POVs (exceptions to GAME OF THRONES), but you cannot NOT love Dori – I mean, a goth Fairy Godmother? Can I have one please?

Okay, so back to the review:

All of the characters I enjoyed – they all brought something to the storyline. Viktor, being my favorite because I loved his humorous thoughts, and just everything about him. The story kept me on the edge of my seat at times, and made me laugh out loud and grin like an idiot. Flow was great, and there was never a dull moment in this story. I’m also intrigued with more of Dori’s story (and parentage) and to see if anything develops with that little crush of hers *wiggles eyebrows* Not to mention, the intimate scenes in this book is pretty steamy *fans self* – loved it!

If you want a story that’s really well written, fun characters, and great story, I highly recommend you buy this book and read it. Sarah Marsh is a natural-born writer, and I look forward to reading more of her wonderfully well-written stories!





MY SOUL TO GIVE release day! @stormowl7 @evernightpub



When Celina Leviet escapes the brutal home invasion that kills her husband, she’s left with a bullet in her gut and vengeance in her heart. An alluring demon, Mekaisto, offers an irresistible deal—in exchange for her soul, he’ll let her live long enough to get her revenge, but she must hunt and kill the murderers herself.

After sealing the contract, Celina digs into her husband’s past for clues about his murder, and what she uncovers makes her question everything she thought she knew about him.

His company never existed.
His family history was a lie.

And he was involved with The Lumen, a shadowy religious order whose members know too much about demons. As the life she thought she knew crumbles around her, Mekaisto’s charms become harder to resist. Forced to face a horrible truth, Celina struggles against her late husband’s betrayal and the dark seduction of the devil she knows.


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Short Excerpt

Her breath came faster, and he could smell what she wanted before she even knew what it was. “Please, Kai—I’m yours. I want more. I want everything you can give me.”

The wave of lust heating his body could have burned a city to the ground. “Well, now,” he whispered in her ear as he stood, lifting her up with him, “I need to oblige such begging with a reward.”



Evernight Publishing



I’m passionate about writing, reading, photo manipulation artwork, animals, anime/manga, video games, the fandom world of TV shows and movies, and stuff like that. I’m a proud Ravenclaw: I’ve always been sorted into this house, but the recent Pottermore sorting placed me in Gryffindor―I don’t care since the Sorting Hat couldn’t consider my choice, so I identify with Ravenclaw, and that’s where I’ll remain!

I have two main hobbies: writing and creating book covers. I’m also a gamer (Diablo, Zelda, Final Fantasy), enjoy listening to music (and always singing along to Disney), have a passion for Japanese culture, and adore reading. I love anime/manga, Japanese Dramas and consider myself a proud fan of many different TV shows including Buffy, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Game of Thrones, Outlander, etc.

I wrote my first story when I was 12 years old (and we’ll never talk about that story), but started seriously writing three years later. Since then, I always write, and this particular novel is my 19th story. It’s always been a dream to be a published author, and I can happily say I’ve reached that goal―I plan on continuing writing and publishing for the rest of my days.

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(This story has two points of view )

“I am a demon, Celina, and above all else, demons love the hunt.” He smirked when her eyes widened.

“So, you see having sex with someone as a hunt?”

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “By your expression, I would say you still do not quite understand.”

“It’s your twisted logic.”


“I take my time, stalk my prey first, count the number of breaths she takes, imagine her screams…”

She arched an eyebrow. “That’s not at all creepy.”

Kai ignored her. “I am a creature of infinite time; the world creeps by, yet an intimate moment is so fleeting, it feels as though it is gone in less than a second.” He stopped, expecting an interruption again, but she stayed silent. “The pleasure is heightened by the danger, and in the throes of passion, I could lose my control and revert to the form least likely to be found pleasurable by my … partner?” He lost himself in the images in his mind, pinning down Celina’s body, taking her in a way she would never be able to recreate with a mere mortal man. “Hunting is simple. There is always one in the crowd that stands out—rarely is it the one searching for the one-night stand—no…” Kai locked his eyes with hers and goose bumps rose on her arms and legs. “No, the one unsure of what society wants her to be, the one who is desperate to be loved and appreciated. She is the one I seek.”

“So, social outcasts are your type?”

His eyes pierced her until he could see through her mind again, to all those curious little fantasies.

He smiled. “It’s about finesse, Celina. I listen to her, and as she speaks more confidently, I brush a hand over her skin”—his hand skimmed Celina’s neck as he brushed her back—“just enough so she shivers with anticipation of what my lips would feel like in the same spot.” He delved into Celina’s mind as his words worked against her disdain for him. “Then I caress her in a way she won’t notice, but her subconscious will let her lean into, let her mind take over and her body will beg for more.”

“She’d notice if…” She followed his gaze to his hand on her knee.

“Are you certain?” He’d worked his own body into a sensual frenzy as he’d drawn her into his web.

She stared at him, her cheeks flushing. “I—”

“Eventually, I suggest a night filled with pleasure.” He couldn’t contain his smile as he moved closer. “I keep touching her in small ways—maintaining physical contact at all times.” His hand inched up her side, until he tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. She sucked in a breath and he cupped her cheek.

He sat close to her and her scent calmed and excited him at the same time.

“Kai?” Her voice wavered.

“Sex is fleeting.” He took her chin and drew her close. “But intimacy is endless, a continuous moment of gentle touches”—his hand dropped back to her knee, and then made its way up her thigh until she let out a small gasp—“personal boundaries broken, and pleasures that go beyond sex.”

She sat as if frozen. “It’s still a one-night stand.”

“Mine last longer—and you reveal not only your body.” His hand moved to the middle of her chest. “When you are intimate with a demon, you reveal your soul. You make yourself vulnerable and open.”

“Considering you’ll have my soul sometime soon, I’m not giving you a free sample.” She drew away from him and stood. “I won’t be your prey tonight.”

Another surge of heat rushed through him, but he pushed it down with a long, deep breath. “You would set me loose on another human?”

She glared at him. “I wasn’t aware I had a choice about what you do outside of our deal. This would be on you, not me.”

“You think you control what I do within our deal?”

She rubbed her arms when he stood. “Not when you say it like that.”

“Celina…” He stopped in front of her and leaned into her personal space, drawing a lungful of a scent he would only ever associate with her.

He wrapped his arms around her, swallowing the shiver that shook her body. “What are you—?”

“Let’s play, Celina. I can assure you, you will not regret a night in my arms.”

I want you… Against all my instincts, I need you close.

Celina pushed him as hard as she could, and he withdrew as disappointment withered his gaze.

“Let me go, Mekaisto.”

You are trembling again, my dove… Is it because you are scared you will give in? How far can I push you until you bend?

“What if I say no?”

She glared at him, but Kai’s smile widened. He could feel, even smell, the pulsing between her legs begging him to take her.

“Isn’t it enough you’re getting my life and my soul? Now you need my body, too?” She pushed against him again, but he only held tighter, unable to let her go. “Why are you doing this? I just lost my husband, found out things that break my heart. I can’t sit and flirt with you.”

“I am offering you the chance to forget.”

“No!” Her hands clenched to fists as she shoved even harder against his chest. “No! You want to take everything I have left.”

He grabbed her wrists, pushed her back on the sofa, and pinned her down, his body hovering over her. “What is your life without your body?” He tilted his head and flicked his tongue across his lips. “You never asked what selling your life and soul meant specifically. Allow me to enlighten you now.” He moved until his face loomed only an inch or so from her face and her breath caught. He let go of her wrists, but his gaze pinned her to the spot.

“What?” Her voice ached just above a whisper.

“I own every inch of you … body and soul.”

Her face flushed and her lips trembled. “I never agreed to that!”

“You agreed to living. The details did not matter to you.”

“I was dying! You told me I didn’t have much time left, so it—”

His smile widened. “Even if you had all the time in the world, it would not have made a difference. Humans never read the fine print.”